Berkeley Cultural Center Library

Site: UC Berkeley Campus
Spring 2017 || Design Studio
Instructor: Herwig Baumgartner
Partner: Hannah Lee

Massing Strategy

With interest in the fragmented rotational extrusion of the figure, which began with Alvar Aalto’s Villa Mairea, my partner and I were interested in the momentary appearance of the figure in elevation as well as in section. When combined, the faceted geometry of the extrusions caused many complex intersections that conceal the single module and the original figure--this further contrasts the rectilinear figure (that is exposed only in elevation) and the triangulated geometry of the combined whole. We were focused on combining the extrusions radiating around one central point with two nesting chunks to create a canyon-like space between the massings.

Facade Strategy

The primary facade is a glass box that is followed by secondary and tertiary facade systems that follow the massing strategy of creating an in and out experience with strategically placed patterns.

Berkeley Cultural Center Library

Fall 2017 || Applied Studies: Design Development
Instructors: Pavel Getov & Scott Uriu
Structural Advisor: Matthew Melnyk
Partners: Andrew Han, Donna Jimeno, James Li, Derek Yen