Cyborg Misprision

Program: Hotel
Spring 2018 || Vertical Studio
Instructor: David Ruy

The initial study above shows how Artificial Intelligence can analyze two images, pixel by pixel, to create something unthinkable to human cognition. The result is a brick wall inspired by Renaissance painting. This highly stylized image was used to test whether the resulting image can be used as a representational device for rendering.

Using 3DS Max and V-Ray, the render above is a continuation from the AI Texture Map Study. The effect of the image should be interpreted as something believable due to its photorealistic quality yet at the same time unfamiliar, highlighted by the use of AI. The ambivalence should make us question the role of the machine as algorithms become ever more complex and arguments grow for new formalism due to the autonomy that can be achieved through simulations and trials. This interest became increasingly profound in my academic pursuit and had a large thematic role going into thesis.

Interested in AI’s ability to seamlessly combine two images, I began experimenting with displacement maps to combine orthogonal and ornamental patterns. As a result, the new images were not only graphical but had the capability to be three-dimensional. The results were recycled to create a more saturated version of itself. This became a key finding which led to creating a three-dimensionalized space.