SCI-ARC Undergraduate Thesis

From Image to Deep Facade

Advisor: Jenny Wu

    This thesis explores one of architecture’s most fundamental dichotomies: the relationship between lines, open or closed, and its role in realizing a fully developed architecture design. It begins with examining a digital material called a displacement map which can output three-dimensional information through its two-dimensional representation. Representation of lines and surfaces contained within an image translates into deep facades as it becomes an architectural form, retaining key characteristics during its transformational process as graphical and structural constituent.

    The design proposes a study of new urban morphology, a technological prototype brought by the application of computer algorithms. The building proposal calls for an Expo Center located in Veliko, Bulgaria. The context surrounding the site is historical, largely manifesting military architecture. However today, it is a thriving academic community, a reflection of a peaceful era and demand for transparency and innovation.

Thesis Prep

    Divided into multiple phases, the formal study takes two Displacement Maps as Inputs into Voxel Processing. Adding different algorithm nodes and sliding through different numberical values, a Morphology of Massings become established as a 3D object files get exported for Output. The final diagram shows the production of different Iterations of Massings following the formal sequences.